This FAQ page serves as a hub to answer as many questions as possible that get asked a lot by our users. As an alternative to the Contact Page, it is a great place to find instant solutions. There is a lot of helpful information on board, with most topics covered. This will be a forever expanding page as long as there are new questions to attend to. We are working to make sure you won’t need to visit these pages at all in the future. But we are still doing our best to make the information on them as good as they can be. The idea is to ensure people are happy no matter what. We hope this helps with any queries you may have. If you can’t find what you want in the questions below read more about us here.


Q. Does this always work?

Yes, it will always work no matter what. If the steps you follow are correct then it will most definitely work. The only time you may encounter some delays is in major traffic periods. This is something we unfortunately cannot control at this moment in time. We will takes positives though that people are enjoying how the tool works.

Q. How much does it cost to use?

We are proud to host this as a free-to-use hack tool for all. There will never be a situation in which you will receive attempted charges for your use. If you see anything of this nature, you are either at the wrong place or looking at a potential scam. This is not something we tolerate and we will always be charge free.

Q. How many times can I use the Snapchat Spy?

The tool’s unlimited in the amount of times you can use it. This is a feature we had to include as a crucial part of our model. This isn’t a one-time offer that will vanish once you have had one use of it. You can always come back to use it more if or when you need to. As we like to point out, limitations are something that do not suit our philosophy in the slightest.

Q. Will my activity get caught out?

This is something that we assure will not happen to you. We have created a top of the range encryption that guarantees your security in incognito. There will never be a situation in which somebody will be able to know you have tapped into their account. It’s a smooth process that keeps your activity under wraps.

Q. How do I use the hack?

It couldn’t be easier to get started and use SC Passer as much as you want. It’s only a matter of visiting the main page where the tool’s hosted. From there you can enter the username of the account you wish to enter, then you will be in within seconds. It’s developed with simplicity in mind, so that it is accessible for the masses. If you do manage to complete each step on the site, you should be getting all the good stuff straight away.