Under no circumstances will we allow commercial exploitation of SCPasser.com and its contents without permission. We are strict when it comes to the rules and guidelines of our hack tool and website. We would suggest that you follow the rules in place and allow our home to stay a respectable place.

It is forbidden to use this tool for anything other than it it’s intended to. We developed it with fun in mind, nothing more. Despite it’s invasion of accounts, you still have to be responsible in how you use it. We are not and won’t be held responsible for how others use the hack tool. It is not down to us to hold your hands along the way. Unfortunately there will be people wanting to abuse the privilege of this tool. We do believe that will be a minority, but this is a warning to those few out there. We would suggest against doing anything stupid and stay safe when using the tool.

We will not tolerate any abuse of the tool for the wrong reasons. If it’s reported to us by others of misuse, we will take action if necessary. We can ban your right to ever use the tool again so that a bad name won’t follow our website. We have given the opportunity for all to enjoy a great opportunity for a popular app. The last thing we need is for people to be daft enough to delve into the darker side of the internet.

There is no permission from us to copy our format completely. This is our creation, so anything that is a blatant clone will receive investigation. We are proud of are work and we will not allow plagiarism to invade our tool. Like many others, we don’t want our content stolen without any credit given especially.

The terms and conditions of the hack tool state that you must be completely aware of what you are using. From the point you activate the tool and leave, you’re alone. We cannot provide any help from there once using Snapchat. If you somehow find yourself in trouble with the company, that is beyond our help. We have assured everyone of our incognito accuracy. We are sure you’re hidden at all times. So if you complain to us about a ban from Snapchat, please assume it’s your own fault. There are ways you could abuse your power despite having easy access to another’s account. The actions you take within the app are not our problem, nor can we help with that.

Please respect the values of our website and the functions of the hack tool. A lot of work went into making it and we want it to stay a place people feel safe to use. No tampering with our systems or forging the tool for your own use. We will find out if people are using our name, tool functions, or other aspects. If this is the case upon investigation, we will need to find a serious solution.